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Zang Organ- Liver

Zang Organ – Liver


Key functions of liver:

  1. Regulates chi flows without obstruction, ensuring blood、Jing、fluid distributed throughout the body.
  2. Boosts the digestion function of spleen and stomach.
  3. Governs our emotion of anger and depression.
  4. Stores blood and regulates the amount of blood.


Attributes to human body & Mother Nature

the Five Elements wood
the five colors green
the five senses eyes
the five lusters finger & toe nails
the five body constituents Sinews
the five fluids tears
the five emotions anger and depression
the five flavors sour
the five seasons spring
the five seasonal chi(s) wind


Liver regulates chi flow.

In Chinese medicinal theory (CMT), chi is the momentum driving blood flow. With blood healthily flowing throughout the body, Jing and fluid in blood can be distributed to the whole body to support body’s vital activities.


So CMT emphasizes “Blood flows only when chi flows” and “Blood stops flowing when chi stops flowing”. If chi flow gets obstructed and fails to drive blood flow, poor chi flow would not only cause chi pathological problems but also induce blood pathological problems.


Liver boosts digestion.

Liver governs chi flow and ensures foods are healthily digested without congestion. Liver malfunction would impact spleen and gallbladder, resulting with poor digestion function such as stomach ach、vomit、bloating or diarrheas, etc.


Liver affects our emotion of anger and depression.

Chinese medicinal theory regards the health state of human spirits (mind) relies on the healthy flows of chi and blood. If liver didn’t function properly to drive the chi and blood flows, the person would feel depressed and angry. Thereof, a person with poor liver function is easily to get irritated. Vice versa, if a person with bad temper, his chi and blood flows easily get obstructed and his liver would be damaged. Staying up late is also one of modern reasons to damage liver. So, people who like to stay up late usually get irritated easily because of damaged liver.


Eyes reflect liver health condition.

Liver stores blood and regulates the amount of blood. When a person is in rest or in sleep, organs require less blood volume, liver will store excessive blood; when he is in exercise or in work, organs require more blood volume, liver will distribute stored blood to the body. If liver does not function well, the symptom reflects on his senses would be dry and dizzy eyes. Chinese, thus, believe liver reflects its healthy condition thru eyes. Unhealthy liver could cause eye pathological changes.


Tears reflect liver health condition.

Tearing in wind or dry eyes without tears are associated with different kinds of liver problems.


Sinews and nails reflect liver health condition.

Liver blood supplies nutrition to support the normal activities of sinews. If liver΄s blood supply is insufficient, a person may suffer from cramps, numb limbs or stretching difficulty, etc.


Chinese medicinal theory regards fingernails and toenails to be a part of sinews. If a person with healthy liver, his nails would glow with rosy color. Vice versa, his nails would be thin, pale and fragile, if he has liver problem.

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