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Zang Organ- Kidney

Zang Organ – Kidney


From western medicinal view, kidney is an important organ excreting toxins and excessive water out of the body. From Chinese medicinal view, kidney’s function is far more important than that.



Key Functions of Kidney

  1. Stores Jing.
  2. In charge of body growth, development and reproduction.
  3. Masters fluid by distributing usable fluid to body systems.
  4. Masters water by excreting waste water out of body.


Attributes to human body & Mother Nature

the Five Elements water
the five colors black
the five senses ears
the five lusters hair
the five body constituents bones
the five fluids thick saliva (for digestion)
the five emotions scariness & panic
the five flavors salty
the five seasons winter
the five seasonal chi(s) cold


Kidney stores Jing.

Jing comes from two sources – Prenatal Jing and Postnatal Jing. Prenatal Jing is the fundamental of life that forms an embryo. It is stored in kidney. Postnatal Jing comes from the transformation of foods done by spleen and stomach. After birth, Prenatal Jing gets nourished by Postnatal Jing. Postnatal Jing nourishes body systems and unused Postnatal Jing gets stored in Kidney. Whenever a body system needs nourishment Kidney distributes Postnatal Jing out. Kidney storing and supplying Jing is a continuous cycle.


Prenatal and Postnatal Jings merge in kidney and become kidney chi.


Kidney Jing drives human’s reproduction.

From Chinese medicinal view, humans’ reproduction capability depends on kidney Jing. In teenage, kidney Jing will start to drive the maturity of reproduction organs and function. Along with the decrease of kidney Jing, reproduction capability will be down, too.


Kidney Jing drive body growth and development.

Kidney Jing is the fundamental of life and takes lead in driving human growth and development. Kidney Jing from prosperity to decline, to exhaustion will manifest a person’s physical condition thru his life – birth, youth, adulthood, old age and death. The life span of kidney Jing is the person’s life span. Kidney Jing declines along with aging. So aging is a sign of decreasing kidney Jing.


Chinese believe that nourishing kidney with tonics is an important way of slowing down aging and a therapy to aging disorders.


Kidney masters water.

Human body’s water metabolism includes two main functions:

  1. Fluid in food essence nourishes and moisturizes body systems.
  2. Waste water no longer use by body systems is discharged out of the body.

Both functions require kidney’s chi transformation to achieve.


Water metabolism requires many organs to co-work including spleen、lung、bladder. Spleen transforms food essence into Postnatal Jing and fluid, then, spleen transports both to lung; lung regulates waterways and transports usable fluid, passing the three truncal cavities to the whole body. Waste water will be transformed into sweat、urine、chi etc. and discharged out of the body thru sweating,respiration and urination.


Waste fluid no longer used by body systems will be distributed to kidney; thru kidney’s chi transformation, waste fluid is divided into clear fluid and waste waster. Clear fluid is recycled and distributed to lung. Waste water is distributed to bladder and discharged as urine. Kidney’s transformation ensures that all systems properly conduct their function in water metabolism.


Kidney governs the depth of air inhaled.

Lung is in charge of breathing and Kidney is in charge of governing the breathing depth of air. Only under the co-working of lung and kidney, the respiration can be easy and smooth. Insufficient kidney chi could cause shallow breathing.


Kidney Jing makes marrow and nourishes bones.

Kidney stores Jing. Jing can produce marrow. Marrow nourishes and makes bones, and stays inside bones. Thereof, bone’s growth、development and regeneration relies on kidney Jing’s nourishment. If kidney Jing is sufficient to nourish bone marrow, the bones would be strong and can support long hours of standing. If kidney Jing is insufficient unable to nourish the bone marrow, bones could become brittle and fragile.


Hair reflects kidney health condition.

Chinese medicinal view regards hair to be blood’s extension. Kidney Jing produces marrow and marrow makes blood, so hair will be healthy with luster if both kidney Jing and blood are sufficient.


Chi transformation chart

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