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Zang Organ- Heart

Zang Organ – Heart


Key functions of Heart

  1. Heart masters blood. As the hub of all blood vessels, heart drives blood circulation for blood to nourish and moisturize the whole body.
  2. Heart masters our mind, our mental state.


Attributes to human body & Mother Nature

the Five Elements fire
the five colors red
the five senses tongue
the five lusters face
the five body constituents blood vessels
the five fluids sweat
the five emotions happiness
the five flavors bitterness
the five seasons summer
the five seasonal chi(s) heat


Heart masters blood.

Heart chi drives blood to flow inside blood vessels carrying nutrients such as Jing and fluid to nourish body systems and sustain body systems’ physiological activities. After food essence is transformed, spleen transports food essence to lung; in lung, food essence merges with fresh air and transforms into Postnatal Jing; lung then transports the Jing to heart; in heart, Jing transforms into blood and flows inside blood vessels.


Heart masters mind.

If a person’s mental state is well governed by heart, he usually behaves in a good way of quick thinking、agile and clear-minded. But if his heart malfunctions, he could become forgetful、mentally wilted、slow in reaction, etc. If the person’s heart function gets worse with pathological symptoms, he could behave with disturbed consciousness、withered spirit、unable to think normally. Common symptoms are insomnia、dreaming a lot、uneasiness、agitated state and, worse case, delirium or frenzy.


Heart boosts happiness.

When a person΄s heart functions well, he usually looks happy. The healthier his heart is, the happier he is.


Facial complexion reflects heart health condition

The health state of a person΄s heart and blood can be checked from his facial complexion. When a person΄s heart functions well with normal heart beat and his body gets sufficient blood and nutrients from blood circulation, he will have healthy complexion. On the contrary, if his heart doesn’t function properly, his face could be unhealthily pale, and he could have heart problems such as uneven heartbeat or chest pain caused by slow blood flow.


The color of tongue reflects heart condition.

From Chinese medicinal view, tongue is heart’s opening. Heart’s condition can also be observed by tongue. If a person has insufficient blood in heart, his tongue will look pale. If his heart is over heated with pathological conditions, the tip of his tongue will look very red and his mouth and tongue could grow ulcer. If the blood flow gets stagnant in his heart, his togue will look dark purple or bruised.


Sweating reflects heart health condition.

Sweat is a kind of body fluid and body fluid is an important component of blood. Heart masters blood, so Chinese medicinal theory regards“sweat is heart’s fluid”and“both sweat and blood are from same source”. Therefore, too much sweating would deplete chi and blood in heart and could result in uneven heartbeat. Abnormal sweating usually manifests poor heart function.


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