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The Five Elements in Chinese Medicinal Theory

Since ancient times, Chinese believe Mother Nature is formed by five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water and these five elements are inter-influential and should be in harmony, otherwise, they would be out of balance and nature’s disasters would occur.

Deeply rooted with this Five Elements concept, Chinese medicinal theory emphasizes that human body systems are likewise mapped by the Five Elements (wood/liver, fire/heart, earth/spleen, metal/lung & water/kidney) and like Mother Nature, a person′s health relies on the balance and harmony of his body systems.

Herbal Divinity treasures this ancient theory and develops our herbal blends based on the Five Elements concept with a goal of balancing and harmonizing our body systems.

Each ingredient of an herbal blend is carefully selected to serve a specific element (a specific health role) and all ingredients work together to achieve the harmonization of a specific health function.

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