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Taiwan Medicinal Herbs

Historically known as Formosa, Taiwan is an island of some 35.8K square kilometers (13.8K miles) in the southeastern coast of mainland China.

The island is characterized by mountainous ranges from the central part of the island to the eastern coastlines, from low hills to rugged mountain peaks over 3,500m.

The climate ranges from tropical in the south to subtropical in the north. Benefited by winter rainfall, seasonal Monsoon and typhoons, these mountain ranges are heavily forested and provide a home to an abundant varieties of wildlife and tropical、subtropical & high altitude plants.

For generations, native herbs have been used by Taiwan residents as foods, teas, medicines. Out of these herbs, 1200 wild and cultivated herbs are formally recorded as medicinal plants.

To make the best use of our native treasure, Herbal Divinity selects Taiwan native herbs as many as we can.

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