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This herbal blend is specially formulated to master the balance and harmony of heat impacted body systems. *

  • Cools your body systems against summer heat*
  • Helps recover from heat fatigue and dizziness*
  • Quenches thirst and helps regain energy*

All Herbs, Nothing Else

Herbal soothing aroma and flavor

Herbal natural sweet

Caffeine free

Key Ingredient: Beggarticks

Most of the ingredients in this blend are Taiwan native grown herbs.

This blend can be ordered by various forms such as tea bag、extract powder/ capsule/ liquid & sustained release microparticles. Due to production requirement, minimum order for each form may be applied.



7 Herbal Infusion Benefits You Need to Know

As a leading wholesale herbal infusion supplier, we are here to brew infusions or tea blends for people who want to improve and increase their general health naturally. Unlike other drinks like coffee, infusion drinks are caffeine-free.

Our herbal infusion is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins that vary created on the type of tea you choose. The herbal blends have several health benefits such as relaxation, pain reduction, improving digestive and immune body systems, and many others. In short, they comprise several gifts delivered by mother earth poured out into a cup!

How do you use herbal infusions?

Wholesale Herbal infusion Supplier provides you an excellent guide to use this herbal infusion. You can put 1 ounce of dry herb in a ball jar. Pour boiling water over dry herb to the top of the pot. In the morning, drain the infusion and squeeze the herb puree to get all the liquid out. Cover,  chill and keep the drink within the week.


Wholesale Herbal infusion Supplier combined the benefits you get from herbal teas supplemented by the best teas to take in for every occasion;

  • Insufed Tea Can Help You Reduce Stress and Relax as it helps you relax and rejuvenate you in a safer way
  • Tea Improves Your Immune System
  • Herbal Tea Reduces Pain and Soreness such as menstrual cramps or pains
  • Herbal Teas Reduce Chronic Diseases as they are high in antioxidants that get rid of free radicals in the body and avert oxidative stress.
  • Herbal Teas Improves Your Digestive System
  • Teas Stimulates Brain Function
  • Herbal Tea is Calorie- Free.
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