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How Do We Develop Our Herbal Blends

Herbal Divinity develops its herbal blends with the goal of supporting human body systems to achieve balance and harmony and we commit to making a contribution to human wellness against the current harsh environment and pollutions.

Chinese medicinal theory takes the human body as an organism. Each of the body systems doesn’t function alone. All body systems are inter-influential such as poor liver function could jeopardize heart and spleen functions, and the affected heart function could jeopardize chi and blood flow, and slow chi and blood flows could affect all body systems’ function. Affected spleen function could result in poor digestion and jeopardize lung and kidney functions. So, a Chinese doctor takes a patient’s body as a “whole” to diagnose.

Herbal Divinity, likewise by taking the human body as a whole, develops our herbal blends based on a series of Chinese medicine theories and the Five Elements.

  1. The Five Elements (Refer to the page ” The Five Elements in Chinese Medicinal Theory” for detail)

The Five Elements is a very important concept in Chinese medicinal theory. The liver 、heart、spleen、lung and kidney are five Zang organs and are the center of body systems. Liver attributes to wood; heart to fire; spleen to earth; lung to metal and kidney to water. These Zang organs are inter-influential with mother/child, suppress, counter-suppression, etc. relationship (Refer to the page” The Whole Concept”). The Five Elements concept is fundamental to our development in seeking human body balance and harmony.


  1. The nature of herbs – cold, flat, and warm

Chinese are used to categorize the nature of foods – cold, flat, and warm. The nature of foods influences our daily diet selection and our using foods as tonics or diet supplements in different seasons such as our InnerCool herbal blend is to cool body systems against summer heat and quench thirst. Some of the herbs in the blend we use are cold in nature, so, in the process of developing our blends, we also consider balancing the overall nature of the blend. Warm herbs are selected to balance the cold in a blend and allow the blend to achieve its full function. Furthermore, most herbs are cold in nature and the cold nature of the herbs could let people have loose bowels.


  1. Chi and blood activation

Chi and blood are two of the basic substances forming the human body and sustain body systems’ physiological activities. Chi flows, then, blood flows; chi gets stagnant, then, blood gets stagnant, too. When a body system malfunctions, chi, and blood in that system usually get stagnant and wastes and toxins will clog in the system unable to be excreted. So, activating chi and blood flows is usually a priority in Chinese medicinal therapy and is included in our blend development.


  1. Tonic function

Chinese use to eat tonic foods based on seasonal changes Since ancient times especially in winter to strengthen body vitality and boost immunity. With this concept, we develop our blends by adding tonic herbs in some of the blends, so that the blends not only support but also boost body systems’ vitality.


  1. Detox

Detox is another important criterion in our developing herbal blends. As above mentioned, when a body system malfunctions, wastes, and toxins could accumulate in the system and cause pathological problems. The drinker can enjoy daily detox by drinking our herbal teas.

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